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Playfield Removal

MAINTENANCE » Playfield Removal

1) Remove top bar holding glass & remove glass 2) Remove 2 screws under marquee light & remove ball from gate 3) Remove back of game & unplug coin door, control panel & Power supply connectors Remove wire clamp holding wiring harness to playfield 4) Tilt top…

Front glass Removal

MAINTENANCE » Front glass Removal

1) Remove 3 screws holding Bar assembly at top of Glass

Start Up Test and Alignment Procedures

“ICE COLD BEER” GAME SET-UP » Start Up Test and Alignment Procedures

The hole test is to test the lit holes to make sure they light in the right sequence. The bar test is to insure the bar will travel the entire playfield without binding. The Errant Ball test is to test the errant ball switch and servo to make sure they function…


“ICE COLD BEER” GAME SET-UP » Introduction

Retro Arcade LLC is pleased to re-introduce Taito’s “ICE COLD BEER“™, a celebrated remake of this arcade icon. The object of the game is for the player to maneuver the ball with the joysticks that moves the bar to position the ball in the lit hole.…

LED settings

“ICE COLD BEER” GAME SET-UP » Start Up Test and Alignment Procedures » LED settings

You may also select LED from the “Calibration” screen This allows you to customize the brightness of the playfield leds.

Pre Game Installation

“ICE COLD BEER” GAME SET-UP » Pre Game Installation

ICE COLD BEER™ has leg levelers which should be adjusted before your game is ready to play. Not adjusting the leg levelers properly will prevent the ball from returning to the bar reliably. Be sure you readjust the levelers whenever you move the game from one…

Loose Servo Disc Alignment Procedure

MAINTENANCE » Servo Alignment Procedure » Loose Servo Disc Alignment Procedure

1) Power Game off then back on again. Servo motor should cycle to Return Hole than back to gate hole. 2) unplug servo unit and remove from playfield 3) Remove Allen screw (2.5 mm) holding disc to motor 4) Remove disc from assembly and rotate so slot in disc lines up…

Bar Test

“ICE COLD BEER” GAME SET-UP » Start Up Test and Alignment Procedures » Bar Test

Add a coin or have the game set to to free play and press the start button. The bar will go to the bottom of the playfield, open the gate, and allow the ball to come out. Remove the ball from the bar and use the joysticks to move the bar all the way to the top and…

Stepper Motor Current Adjustment

MAINTENANCE » Stepper Motor Current Adjustment

Stepper Motor Current adjustment procedure Remove the top Bar holding glass in place and carefully remove the glass Remove the two square head screws under the marquee light Pull top of the Playfield forward and insert OLED screen as shown and power on game #…

Game Features


TAITO CORPORATION’S “ICE COLD BEER“™ reproduced by Retro Arcade LLC takes the classic game feel executed perfectly with modern technology for a reliable and easy to service device sure to thrill your customers. App downloadable from your phone app…

Ball Rod Lubrication

MAINTENANCE » Lubrication Of Mechanical Parts » Ball Rod Lubrication

Every 2-4 weeks in a high use environment or 3-6 months in home use the rod the ball travels on and the pivot points should be lubricated. Remove the cover glass Put one drop of PTFE based lubricant (we use DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant) Put three drops of…