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LEDs and sensors, lead screw drives, bluetooth compatibility, and custom FPGA controllers make this an amazing recreation of the original magic.

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The Ice Cold Beer arcade game is a cult classic. The game is played using two joysticks to control a horizontal bar that balances a metal ball. The objective is to maneuver the ball carefully up a playfield full of holes, with the goal to deposit the ball into the lit hole. If the player is successful, the bar returns to the bottom to reset. Each round, the game gets increasingly difficult, as the lit hole gets higher and higher up the playfield. If the ball deposits into an unlit hole, the game is over.

Retro Arcade Services

Welcome to Retro Arcade, where the past meets the future. Retro Arcade is committed to preserving the glory days of the coin operated arcade machine through innovation and technology.

RetroArcade Quality Games

Quality Games

Retro Arcade identifies and licensees unique nostalgic arcade games, and redesigns the machines to incorporate today’s technology to provide an enhanced player experience with years of low maintenance game play.

Licensed Refurbishing

Licensed Remakes

At Retro Arcade, all licensed retro arcade games are built to emulate and look like the original machines using modern cabinet building techniques and updated parts and components. This allows the new machines to play and appear like the originals while offering many updated features.

Modern Updates

Modern Technology & Design

Many of the retro game enhancements are designed for greater operator reliability, lower maintenance, and ease of operation including bluetooth and wifi connectivity, which allows for remote tracking and updates.

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